SLO Buns Rabbit Rescue

Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter of San Luis Obispo County

We really need help showing bunnies at different sites in SLO County. Call Penny at 474-411.

We are dedicated to finding great new homes for the bunnies we rescue. We also educate the public on how to care for bunnies. We love to answer questions from bunny owners about bunny care and even do house calls.

Hope is an example what SLOBUNS makes happen. When she was found, she was in bad shape. Her fur was so dirty it looked brown. After recuperating, and a few cleanings, she is healthy and her fur is as white as it should be.

Want to find a larger, fresher hay supply than the pet stores offer? We sell hay in convenient large garbage bags – 10 lb of hay for only $17. Call (805) 474-4156 for more information
New Crop Of Apple Branches!!!
We have great chews for your rabbit – Wonderful organic apple tree branches. They think they are eating candy. Helps to keep their teeth at a perfect length. For more information, email or call Penny at (805) 474-4156.

Rabbit Grooming!
Looking to have your rabbit groomed and nails clipped? We will be glad to help for a small donation. For more information, call Brenda at (805) 709-0242.

Pet Sitting!
Need someone to pet sit your bunny while you’re away? We would love to pet sit for your bunny. Call Brenda for more info at 709-0242.

Volunteers needed!
Rescued rabbits sometimes need some extra TLC. We need volunteers to help them learn to trust people again. We also need volunteers who can foster one or more of our rabbits for a short time until we can find good homes for them. If you are interested, please call Penny at (867) 453-4463.